my lovely dog winston has just turned two,has always been a very confident dog but was bowled over and thrown two foot in the air bye a grey hound running full speed , he is now scared bye any dog bigger than him we regularly have to abandon his walks bec

please help winston be happy again

  • Caroline B.

    If you could find a small low key dog school local to you with a good rep then maybe they could help you and Winston be less nervous around other dogs.

    Wish you both all the best and really hope Winston feels better soon.

  • Sarah J.

    realy just ignore the dog. theres nothing you can realy do but if the dog does it again alert the owner ! your dog should be able to walk!

  • David B.

    Do not abandon his walks because of his fears, just be cautious and aware when walking and keep him leashed (close to you when around the bigger dogs). Take it easy around bigger dogs, let him rebuild his confidence. No off leash with the bigger guys, only his size or smaller. Be strong, dogs can feel when their handler is nervous and will be nervous too. Try to find a large calm dog, not the higher energy Greyhound, and introduce them slowly. You could reach out and pet the bigger dog, showing your that there is nothing to fear. This has worked great for me in the past.


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