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How do i get my shih tzu to walk-not run- properly outside with me? She always chokes herself

Hi and i need help with my dogs walking, she always runs ahead of us when we walk and she always chokes herself. How do i prevent rhat from happening?
  • Kiakora


    Try using a halti to walk her, she won't be able to run off then, hope that helps :-)

  • Caitlin F.


    Don't use a Halti like the person above says. Harnesses only encourage pulling by pressing on their chests, which is a normal response. However, if you don't care about your dog running ahead and constantly pulling, go ahead and use a harness. If you want your dog to have manners and walk beside you, take it to classes and learn how to teach it to walk beside you. Once the habit of running ahead starts, it can be very hard to stop.

    Try not to use martingale or choker methods, they are severely misunderstood in their use. While both are wonderful to use, when used properly, they can be really hard on little dogs. Damaging the Trachea. Instead, try using a head harness. It is wonderful for pulling dogs and distracting dogs that bark, or just go silly, when they see other dogs or people.

    Again though. Knowing the proper training method is very important. These are all wonderful tools. However, only when used properly!

  • Paul B.


    I agree with what Caitlin says in her reply..

  • Ella W.


    Lol I have a shih poo
  • Maria D.


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  • Nikki H.

    Last Friday at 11:53

    Try not to utilize a Halti like the individual above says. Outfits just support pulling by pushing on their chests, which is an ordinary reaction. Notwithstanding, in the event that you couldn't care less about your pooch running ahead and continually pulling, simply ahead and utilize an outfit. In the event that you need your pooch to have behavior and stroll adjacent to you, take it to classes and figure out how to encourage it to stroll alongside you. Once the propensity for running ahead begins, it can be difficult to stop. custom printed paper bags no minimum

    Do whatever it takes not to utilize martingale or choker strategies, they are seriously misjudged in their utilization. While both are great to utilize, when utilized legitimately, they can be extremely hard on little mutts. Harming the Trachea. Rather, take a stab at utilizing a head saddle. It is brilliant for pulling canines and diverting pooches that bark, or simply go senseless, when they see different puppies or individuals. Custom Product Packaging

    Again however. Knowing the best possible preparing strategy is vital. These are on the whole superb apparatuses. Be that as it may, just when utilized legitimately!

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