Ramming into other dogs

Our renter has an English Bulldog.  When my 2 German Sheppard's are playing, if one of them runs around or into the next room. The bulldog runs straight for one of the GSD's chest. And rams her. Knocked her back and on her side. I've never her her yelp like that before. And her sister is bigger than her. They rough house all the time. The bulldog has been told no, put in his room, and even been told to sit. While I hold him for 2 - 3 minutes. Telling him "no". We don't yell, or spank. We praise good behavior, and remove dog from bad behavior sceen. Nothing has worked. Emma our alpha, gets bulldozed more times than I would like.  Anyone have this happen.  And no, we don't use kennels, or spank or yell. They get doggy time outs.


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