Black Skin Disease (alopecia) treatment

My Westie developed black skin disease and her belly and legs are turning black. Her hair is falling out.  I have stopped giving her any commercial treats or dog food and make all her food myself, but after 3 weeks, I don't see any improvement. Is there something more I can do?
  • Bharat B.

    Treatments for black skin disease will differ per dog; there is no set protocol that will work for every dog. The overall goal for treatments is to have your dog re-grow their coat and prevent a recurrence of hair loss. 

    If this is something that is continuing to happen, it would probably be best to have your dog seen by a veterinarian, as they can look at the skin, do some simple tests, and see what might be going on. They will be able to get treatment as necessary or let you know that this is normal if it is not a problem. I hope that all goes well for your dog.

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