Lola the Rescue Pup

My dog has severe health conditions since the beginning of her adoption, including a chronic ear condition which makes vet visits quite frequent. We have put her on a strict prescription diet as well but still nothing has been effective. Among this, Lola also suffers from a cyst and dental issues which impair her quality of life. I am at a loss. 

We have started a go-fund me to improve Lola's life and give her a life that this sweet girl deserves. Link found below: 

  • William R.

    It is painful to see pets suffering. It is appreciable that you are following a strict prescription diet for your pet dog. As your dog is suffering for months, I suggest you get a second opinion from another vet. It is easy to find certified veterinary professionals based on your priorities at online platforms like GreatVet. I hope the vet will resolve the health issue, and your dog will feel better soon.

  • Kenneth B.

    Get well very soon Lola ☹
  • abbfabb G.

    Sorry to hear this, hope she gets better ☹

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