New to the city, need vet's suggestions!!

I have recently moved to Columbus with my dog and I was wondering if there are any emergency vets around, preferably someone who can home visit?

  • abbfabb G.

    Yes, you will get a huge list of emergency vet over Yelp. Do check with them about the home facility though, because sometimes they specify over the site or description, but don't provide. So better to contact and tell them your requirements.
  • Leon D.

    Have you tried searching for one online? There are a couple of websites where you can check out a list of vets - you can customize the search based on zip code as well, greatvet, or on yelp etc., and check which ones will be available in case of emergency (or 24/7).

    There are a bunch of pet clinics who offer home visits as well, so you can just enter your area code and it will generate a list for Columbia as well.


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