Hi this is to do with my other question xx

Previously I asked how to find a Yummypets magazine and how to read it I just realised you can get a paper copy sent to your house and that is not what I’m asking for i am asking if there’s an  online way to read it and  to find it Also if I’ll be able to get a mental health piece of writing publish into the magazine  I could write a piece about mental health and my team and supporting each other and have it published in the magazine for others to read it i really hope that’s possible but let me know xx if you are not happy with the mental health writing idea then I could do piece of writing about my service dog and how he used to be  my emotional support dog lots of people love this story and find it really nice and inspirational I could always do multiple pieces of writing if you wanted more than one story  different things like that like my pets or whatever you want me to write about or if it’s not possible I understand and appreciate your time x
  • Chewy

    If you live in France, you can buy the magazine at a kiosque or in a few shops and stores. If you live outside of France, you can order the Yummypets magazine online but the price will not be the same. However, the magazine only exists in French, so it would not be possible to write an English article for the magazine. We do not decide on the subjects that are included in the magazine, the writer in chief writes the articles and only what she decides gets to be put in. I'm sorry. You are free to write a blog of your own on a different website and share the article on you team and on your Yummypets page if you like though <3


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