Adoption|should I Adopt a Puppy or an Adult Dog?

I am thinking about adopting a dog,but I am torn about it,should I adopt a puppy or an adult dog? Can someone who has experience give me some suggestions?

  • Carol L.

    I think it depends on you. If you are ready to engage in parenting, then of course it is better to have a puppy. Then he will grow up to be your most loyal friend and this is real happiness. But if you are not ready to raise a puppy, then it seems to me it is better to go to a shelter and choose an adult dog. In any case, it is very important to monitor the nutrition of your dog. It is important that there are a lot of vitamins in the food. For example, I like to pamper my Lucky with watermelon, which I buy on

  • Lone T.

    It's up to you! But if you are unfamiliar with dogs, don't go for a dog with a strong personality (such as a wolf-dog). 🙂🐺


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