how to get rid of red mites from dogs???

i need help!!!!!!!!

my dog has caught red mites from my chickens 

my brother has sort the chickens out but i have trouble of getting rid of red mites my dogs aka millie

i have bath millie in tea tree shampoo to try get rid of them but i still find them on her and my dad when out brought some more tea tree shampoo and tea tree spray

also she been frontline too

and there anything else that i should try

  • Andrew the Vet

    Hi Shammie,

    The chicken mites will not live on your dog- their life cycle requires them to feed on poultry. The occasional 'chicken' mite can be easily killed with a pyethrin based flea/lice shampoo. The key is to shampoo well, and leave it on for 10 mins before rinsing.

    I would then follow this up with an oatmeal based conditioner.

    If the itching is persisting, then I would suggest a visit to your local veterinarian. There may be fleas, dog lice, or an allergy.

    Dr Andrew


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