Can my GSD eat coconut?

I really wanna know can dogs eat Coconut? My rafian loves coconut so i am cofused about it. 

  • Alexa B.

    Yes, and it will be very useful for him.

  • Megan O.

    I didn't know about it either, thanks for the information.

  • Jimmie O.

    O yeah, coconut oil too. My vet says it does wonders for the dog's skin and immunity. My bulldog has dermatitis because of his allergy, and I am giving him coconut oil as a supplement.
  • Chewy

    Hi Dawn,

    Yes, your dog is fine to eat coconut. Just try a little bit at a time, as like for humans, it can cause a little tummy upset / bloating in some people / animals. So just start small and observe if your dog appears uncomfortable, is particularly gassy, or there are changes in their bowl movements.

    Hope this helps! ☺

    Chewy Yummypets 

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