Engagement with dog help

Hello everyone!
I need help!

I'm planning to propose to my girl Rose and I wanted to use help of my dog Pablo -  thanks to him we meet each other 4 years ago on walk ) and that why I wanted to use hes help but im not sure how to do this. I bought already lab created diamond ring (we r very eco friendly :P ) and I just need a perfect plan. I was thinking to meet her on same park, come little bit later and release him so he can run to her with ring but how to do it easly to spot the engagement ring for her ? Any advice ? 

  • Chewy

    Hey Michael,

    Love this story! 

    Have you popped the question to your fiancé?



  • Ville S.

    on youtube you can find some people who did that, maybe that will help inspire ☺ 


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