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Flea treatment isnt working - any ideas?

  • Tazza M.

    a year ago

    The only thing I would think of is to take him/her to the vet to have it done professionally
  • Kashif

    a year ago

    Thanks Tazza - that's a good idea.
  • YummyOrNot Y.

    a year ago

    Talk to your vet we have anvanttick
  • nguyen H.

  • Art B.

    a year ago

    Have you tried Seresto collars? They are good for up to 8 months, and my dogs hated frontline, but don't mind the collars.
  • LaPinkaDazzle

    a year ago

    Blue dawn dish soap
  • LaPinkaDazzle

    a year ago

    And coconut oil
  • Lena P.

    10 months ago

    The first time we encountered fleas with our dog, his vet advice us to use anti- fleas such us Frontline. Its a good product for prevention of fleas. Others too suggested to us the use of a dog's collar.

  • adam C.

    5 months ago

    Talk to your vet we have anvanttick


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