Miniature American Shepherd

The Miniature American Shepherd is also known as a MAS or Miniature Australian Shepherd.

Previously identified under the Australian Shepherd banner by the National Stock Dog Society, the Miniature Australian Shepherd was only recognised as a fully-fledged breed much later on.

The Miniature American Shepherd's coat is usually black, red, blue merle or red merle. Coats can appear as a single colour, or a mix of two or three colourways, mixed with white and/or tan. The breed measures between 33cm and 45cm in height, and weighs between eight and 18 kilograms.

Miniature American Shepherds are an obedient and very intelligent dog, with the ability to learn quickly. Despite their small size, they are both lively and athletic dogs, and will need to let off steam during long walks.


199 th

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United States





Long hair




22 to 44lbs

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