Italian Greyhound

This greyhound measures between 32cm and 39cm, and weighs around 5 kilos. Although it is not very large, it can reach speeds of 40km / h thanks to its fine and slender legs. It is muscular, with a long head and a thin tail. Its silhouette is very elegant. Its hair is fine and short, and the coat is usually gray. It is a sentimental dog, very attached to its family and shy with strangers. Socialize it young so it does not become too fearful as an adult. It needs calm and to exercise in order to feel good. Did you know that we have found small Italian Greyhounds mummified in pyramids? Indeed, this is a very old breed! It is also found in many paintings from the Renaissance, and it was the poet Alphonse de Lamartine�s favorite dog!

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