Irish Terrier

Originally from Ireland, it was used as a farm dog to hunt pests and guard the food. Medium size, it is a compact and fairly muscular dog. It has medium-length hair soft and silky, which can be wavy or curly, people with allergies are less sensitive to this kind of fur. The coat can be either gold or tan. You will need to groom it regularly to keep it nice! Intelligent and docile, it is a very easygoing dog! Very active and playful, it will need lots of exercise, attention to the temperature during its walks: it is quite sensitive to heat. This is a very affectionate and sociable companion with its family and with children in the household and guests. It will prevent you from danger but is a very poor guard dog: it wouldn�t hurt a fly!


328 th

Most popular breed




Terrier Group


Family dog


Short hair

Life span



22 to 44lbs

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