This greyhound is of English origin and measures between 70cm and 75cm. Like all greyhounds, it has a slim silhouette and thin legs, a long snout and small ears. Its hair is short, fine and tight, the coat can be black, red, blue, fawn, brindle and white. Because of its thin hair, the Greyhound is very sensitive to temperature changes: if it does not want to go outside, do not force it or it will get sick! It is a gentle, quiet and very intelligent companion. It will be very affectionate with its family, and a little wary with people it does not know. It is also an excellent runner!


233 th

Most popular breed


United Kingdom


Hound Group


Working dog


Short hair

Life span



44 to 66lbs

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What is a healthy & an Unhealthy weight for a Girl Greyhound.

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