English Toy Terrier

This dog is a native of Manchester, and measures between 25cm and 30cm for about 3 kilos. It is very fast and agile, and was used to hunt rats in the Victorian era (in 1848, it was reported that an English Toy Terrier killed 300 rats in less than one hour). Its hair is short and shiny, usually black on the body and fawn on the tip of the snout and paws. Despite its small size and compact body, it is graceful and elegant. It is a very sociable and intelligent companion who will adapt well to apartment life. Moreover, it will let you know very quickly if a stranger approaches. Warning: if you have mice, rabbits and other rodents, you must put them in shelters or the dog will chase them!


287 th

Most popular breed


United Kingdom





Lap dog


Short hair


8 to 12


Less than 10lbs

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