I enjoyed hot springs.

  • PIRATE ❤️ HELLO LALA. I'm glad to see you had a good holiday. Maru has certainly benefited. I have no doubt that it is all the rage with her ​​pretty clothes. This is a supermodel. ! . lala we have very hot in the south of France. There are fires in the pine forests which unfortunately are criminals. What is unfortunate is that the vegetation is very long to grow back. There are acres that burns each year. Right now it's on the Franco-Espagnol.Lala I made ​​full of big kisses and hugs all but Maru has a family friendships. I'm anxious to see your vacation photos. Atres soon. Colette

  • Maru Hi Colette and Pirate and Hatchi! I'm sorry for the forest fire in southern France. I hope it won't happen again. It is very hot and humid in Tokyo today. Today's highest temperature in Tokyo was about 32 degree and very humid. I hope it gets cooler. Well, I watched a VTR about Camargue on TV. It's very beautiful and unique! I'd like to visit there someday! I made ​​full of big kisses to you and Pirate and Hatchi and Fifi and your family! Have a nice day! A tres bientot!