Do you often find yourself misunderstood by people without cats? Do they think that you're a complete crazy person when they see how you act with and treat your feline confidant? Here are five things that only cat owners understand.

1. The vacuum cleaner is your best friend

Living with a cat has taught you the importance of a good vacuum cleaner, lint roller, and cat brush. With all the hair that your beloved feline loses on a regular basis, especially during the moulting period, these accessories have become your new best friends.

Funny ginger cat lurking behind a robot vacuum cleaner

2. Farewell to all things fragile

By having a cat, you have learned to adapt. You avoid certain plants that are toxic for him and you avoid putting fragile objects within his reach. Strangely, cats seem to take pleasure in making objects fall down regularly.

a broken clay pot with spilled soil and plant while a defiant cat looks on.

3. Your cat eats better than you do

You make it a point check the composition of your cat's food and you're willing to pay more for better quality food. Sometimes, at the expense of your own food.

A beautiful white and gray cat licking her face after eating from her dish of cat food.

4. Your cat still manages to surprise you

When your feline approaches you, you always hope for a hug. However, the prankster decides to ignore you. Then when he does finally decide to hug you, he bites you. In short, cats has a strong character that never ceases to catch you off guard.

Cat looking startled and surprised while plays hide and seek in a box. only cat owners understand

5. You live with your cat

Since you've adopted your cat, your home is no longer yours. Since then, you've been living at your cat's house and he's the one in control. He's hungry, he wants to go out, he wants to come in and go out again, he sleeps, he wants to cuddle, etc. Your life revolves around your cat.

Napping, Resting, Sleeping, Canada, Domestic Cat

What is your favorite memory with your cat? Are you a cat owner and can relate? Share your stories in the comments!

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