It’s not often we’re lucky enough to be in the presence of an internet sensation, so you can understand how excited we got when we have the chance to meet with Garfi, the world’s angriest cat.  We thought we had to ask him a couple of questions, so that we all can get to know him a little bit better!

But just before we get to that, we decided to ask his owner, Hulya, a few questions

Hi Hulya, Can you tell us more about yourself? 

We live in Istanbul, Turkey. I am married and have a son who is 19 years old. We love animals and have four cats. Garfi is a very funny cat superstar with a unique look.

Can you tell us about him? What kind of cat is he? Is he always angry ? 

Garfi is doll face (traditional) persian cat. He is almost ten years old. He is a very funny cat. He makes us laugh with his silly behavior. Garfi is a very slow moving cat! He is quiet but can tend to be quite vocal as well. When he wants something badly, he will try to do his best by meowing for hours and hours up until someone gives in.

He has very soft fur but however does not enjoy being thrown around - he is his own master. If anyone tries to pick him up, he will get upset and will eventually fight back. He however can be also quite cute and loving and when he decides he needs attention, he will do anything he can to get the attention he desires.


His acts and movements are usually hilarious and most of the time he is not quite good with physics. When he decides to jump on top of a chair, he will make countless hours of calculations in his head, and yet once he actually does the jump, he will fail miserably. It's difficult to understand what he is thinking! So overall he is independent, and can easily get angry. He has his own rules but if you respect them, he will love you more than anything in the world. Garfi has a great personality.

Was it love at first sight when you met Garfi?

We met him in a shelter of an animal lover. We saw an orange furred kitty who looked like a fluffy little ball. He was sick yet he was still trying to get our attention. He was very little, funny and cute. We were excited to have him.

How did he get on with the family? 

My son wanted to have a cat. He was 10 years old. Our friend said that there was a sick kitten and he needed treatment and a home.The former owner couldn't take care of the kitties. Garfi was one of them. Afterwards they were taken from some animal lover, whom which we went to see. We had a great time with Garfi there. We adopted him and soon his treatment began. Chances of survival was very rare. He stayed at a pet hospital for a while. We didn't have much hope but our little fluffy ball was able to survive. He joined our family. The first words I spoke to him were: ''Hey kitty, why are you looking at me so angrily? This is your new home. I hope we will get along well!''


Now that we have some background, let’s spend some time with Garfi, internet sensation, petstar and Yummypets member!

Hello Garfi, tell us how you spend your day?

I love going around my little garden. I spend most of my day times in the garden. As a cat I get furious when they try to take me back home. I do however love spending time together with my family. We love playing ''hide and seek'' together. I love playing with my toys and with the other cats of the house. I am very cute while doing so. Unfortunately I do get tired quite fast. I love sleeping just like every known cat in existence.


What is your favourite family memory? 

I have many experiences but when I was younger I had a crazy experience which I can never forget. While my family was taking me out to wander around the garden, I saw a huge dog which seemed to have entered our garden. At first I was terrified, but I knew I had to protect my family. I ran towards the dog and soon I was chasing him! He had no idea what was happening and my family was scared, but there was nothing to be worried about. I was later on applauded by everyone in the family for my bravery!

Do you have some embarrassing moments?  

I will never forget the time I was outsmarted by a small kitten! I was walking around my house when this little kitty suddenly appeared in front of me. I had just woken up and had not expected to see such a thing. I jumped in fear and soon before I knew it I was running away. I however did not look in front of me and soon I had hit a wall, making me even more scared. After only a few minutes however, I was king of the house again! Rawr!


You are a superstar on Instagram! Why do you think people love your pics so much?

Probably because I am very handsome and brave! Most people do think I look quite angry but the truth is, that is only my poker face! I guess people love the way I pose creatively and love the fact that I look very angry!

My photographer considers the daily life of a simple human being. She makes it so that I am in such a situation you would normally see a person in. Occasionally however she breaks that pattern and just considers how people would like to see me, which is usually the time we have the most fun!

Has fame changed you? 

There are a lot of advantages of being a famous internet star. First of all now I am being fed more treats and for some reason I always find myself in such amazing costumes! I feel glamorous and I guess besides that everything is pretty much the same. I sleep and love to eat a lot! My photographer and I have been getting along much better as well and I can proudly say that we have been working together for many years now!


What are your plans for the future? 

I want to continue entertaining people in every possible way and make my family proud! I have worked in this sector for a very long time and I am happy with that.

Do you have a message to convey on Yummypets ? 

I can say to all Yummypets followers: give the kitties, puppies in the shelters a chance! I was a sheltered kitty and look at how famous I am! Everyone deserves a chance and given enough time and dedication, any kitty, puppy could be as happy as I am!

To all Yummypets animals I would like to say, train your humans so that they do whatever you want! I have trained my humans and now I get treats whenever I want!

For extra laughs, check out  Garfi on his Instagram and Facebook pages, and obviously on his Yummypets account ;)

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