Jill, the fabulous squirrel

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You will never guess that this two year-old squirrel is a rescue animal! Jill, who now lives with her new best friend, was rescued after Hurricane Isaac. Her Instagram profile proves that she is loving life and gets to experience all there is to offer.

The Wretched Vacuum

Jill’s only fear is the vacuum; she stays far away when the house needs to be cleaned. We can only guess that Jill is just too fabulous to help! Why help clean when you can go take a nap? Jill is a vegetarian and she likes to shop at Whole Foods on a Sunday. To help her stay fabulous, she likes to look after her figure.


The beautiful squirrel has made many friends including a black cat, a parakeet, a few ducks and a dog. She also likes to dress up every now and then to try out some new accessories! Apart from this, Jill has some other hobbies as well: they are yoga, modelling and being carried by her human.


Jill's Job

It is not all fun and games for Jill though - she has a job. Jill takes her job very seriously and has to approve all of her human’s designs. After work, Jill likes to relax. When she is not napping or holding her human’s hand, she is watching the drama unfold on The Real Housewives!


Jill the Celeb

Jill has many fans and followers on her Instagram page. She thanks all of them for their love and support with a pink note she holds for the camera. We cannot wait to see more photos, and with her birthday in October, we should be in for a treat!


Jill seems to be very happy and playful and we bet this adorable, photogenic squirrel never dreamed that her life would turn out this fabulous! Go have a look at her Instagram page, this_girl_is_a_squirrel, if you haven’t already!


Source: Animal Planet 

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