Know your breeds: the French Bulldog

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Increasingly popular, the French bulldog is for many the ideal dog. Why? Yummypets tells you all about it!

The least we can say is that the origins of the French Bulldog are the cause of many disputes between British and French! The first asserts that they descend from the English Bulldog and that they were brought to France in the 19th century by workers. However, the French argue that it was already present on their territory for a long time!


At the time, the French Bulldog was very popular with tradespeople, particularly among butchers, who saw them as a fearsome hunter of rodents. They were also previously enjoyed as a pet! The painter Toulouse Lautrec had also succumbed to its charm as shown many times in his works. Thereafter, the Frenchie seduced other personalities as Mistinguett, Colette, Josephine Baker and Yves Saint Laurent!


At the same time, who wouldn't fall in love with its cute face and its unique character! Indeed, the French Bulldog is known to be very attached to his owner and a very affectionate dog. They do not like to be separated too long from their owner and may even be jealous! They are also very sensitive to the mood of their owner... They are playful, while remaining soft which makes it the perfect playmate for young children! It is also suitable for the elderly as it does not require much exercise. In short, this is the perfect family dog!


Despite its robust physique, the French Bulldog may suffer from some health problems... Like all dogs with short snouts, it can suffer from respiratory problems such as sleep apnea. You must also be careful not to leave them too long exposed to the sun (especially in a car) because  heat it is very uncomfortable for this breed. However, this is a robust dog breed as long a you take care of its few weaknesses.


Do you have a French Bulldog, or do you want one?

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