We all have tho uh-oh moment when our dog growls, it is quite frightening and most of the time you don't know how to react. Today I’ll talk about canine warnings and how we humans can respond to them productively.

Many training guides advise that you punish your dog for showing aggression. It is very counterproductive. When a dog growls, they are warning us that they feel threatened and could bite if pushed any further.

Growling is a warning:

If you teach your dog to stop growling, you eliminate the natural way of the dog of telling you something is wrong. And by teaching them growling is bad, they might bite instead.

The one thing to do if your dog growls is to back off and give them space or get him out of the situation causing him to be tense.


A growl doesn't mean your dog is bad or aggressive. It's their way of making you understand this situation is making them uncomfortable. Remember, your dog can't speak, so it's their way of communicating with you.

Prevent the growling:

There are common situations in which your dog can growl, once you know about it you can give your dog space in theses moments.

  • When eating and someone approaches their plate
  • When they have a toy in their mouth and someone tries to take it away
  • When they are in pain and someone tries to touch them
  • During the approach of an unknown dog
  • When a stranger approaches their territory
Sources: http://furtimes.com/understanding-why-your-dog-growls/

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