How can we keep our cat from jumping up onto my hamster cage?

Hey guys,

Looking for some advice.

My brother, a lovely kitty cat named Rodney, loves jumping up onto my cage, especially when our parents aren't looking. He mostly does this at night when their bedroom door is closed (it's a 1 bedroom place so nowhere else for he or I to go).

Mum and dad cover my cage in a blanket each night so Rodney can't see me running on my wheel. But he'll still jump up on this. 

They've tried cushions, water bottles, food packets, etc on top of the blanket but nothing's working - except for a giant balloon leftover from a party (he hates balloons!). 

Is there another option that's a little more "realistic" than a balloon?

Thanks in advance,


  • Chewy


    We discovered that placing a lightweight blanket over the cage with a balloon on top kept him off. Our kitty does NOT like balloons, hehe. Problem solved, hoorah! 



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