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Potty training

Anyone else litter train there guinea pig?
How long does it take? Are they ever fully litter trained? Our lil guy is a month old. He goes in his litter tray but he also goes in his food bowl and everywhere else in his cage! Lol
  • Cookiecrumb100

    2 years ago

    Hi I have 2 guinea pigs and I have tried and read up about things and u can't litter train a guinea pig, they will go when and where they want to go, try putting hay in a box with doors (so he can get out and have air), guinea pigs like to eat hay and will then poop so that may keep the amount of poop down, hope it's not to late 😊
  • mika K.

    2 years ago

    hey you can train your potty that may be helpful as you wanna train your guinea pig . however i found a training here that may be helpful and you can look for http://15homeremedies.com/1055/start-potty-training-in-3-days/ that train your potty as soon as possible and that's why you don't have to worry any more. thanks and may be it will help you

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