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Lonely Duck

We recently had a fox come and kill 2 of our chickens and 1 duck the 3rd chicken survived and is quite old and hasn't realised that they have gone and does not seem bothered, however the duck is now lonely we did have 3 ducks and are know left with only 1, she keeps quacking and is trying to make friends with all birds that fly into the garden. We are not sure wether to keep her and find another duck (they might not like each other and we would end up with 2 lonely ducks) or to give her away to a nice home..... Plz help we dont know what to do
  • Tazza M.

    2 years ago

    You should trial the new duck and make sure they are friends before actually buying him/her. You might want to make sure that their own or whatever they live in is safe
  • michel P.

    a year ago

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  • David J.

    2 months ago

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