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Why does my fish jump?

My goldfish is constantly jumping out of their bowl - are they bored or trying to commit suicide?

  • Maria S.


    Hi Keren B.:

    I think that the problem is that the bowl just isn't big enough - your fish needs an aquarium to swim around in. If you fill it with rocks and plants, I think that they will be much happier ☺


  • Léo Yummypets


    Your fish might think that it's their dinner time! if you feed them at the same time every day, they should stop jumping

  • Rosea W.


    Yesterday, I was thinking about this. Why goldfish jump or they are trying to hurting themselves(to suicide)! 

    However, Good information Lauren!

  • Anjica D.


    Nice to know. ☺
  • Jenny C.


    That's funny! I definitely should share this with my colleagues from australianwritings. But I agree with Maria S maybe the bowl isn`t  big enought.

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