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Why does my fish jump?

My goldfish is constantly jumping out of their bowl - are they bored or trying to commit suicide?

  • Elia P.

    10 months ago

    Hi Keren B.:

    I think that the problem is that the bowl just isn't big enough - your fish needs an aquarium to swim around in. If you fill it with rocks and plants, I think that they will be much happier ☺


  • Léo Yummypets

    10 months ago

    Your fish might think that it's their dinner time! if you feed them at the same time every day, they should stop jumping

  • lauren E.

    6 months ago

    I remember that one time when I was in Best UK Assignment Writing Service by Assignment Help Deal Institute I was the few fish bounce to capture food. I’ve visible tuna chasing flying fish, and catching them in mid-air a pair ft out of the water. From time to time they soar to come down on baitfish at the surface. Wahoo do that too, on occasion coming 6 feet or farther out of the water. it is no longer uncommon for one of these fish to comply with a fisherman's entice because it's lifted out of the water and bounce aboard a boat. A few fish soar when hooked. I think it's to try to shake the hook, however other fish in no way soar while hooked. (Tuna, again, do not soar whilst hooked.) Marlin and Dorado (among saltwater fish) try this all the time... but I’ve never visible a Dora do jumping whilst it wasn't hooked. Freshwater bass will leap a piece, however saltwater bass don't.

  • Rosea W.

    6 months ago

    Yesterday, I was thinking about this. Why goldfish jump or they are trying to hurting themselves(to suicide)! 

    However, Good information Lauren!

  • Anjica D.

    6 months ago

    Nice to know. ☺
  • packing M.

    4 months ago

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  • Nadim M.

    2 months ago

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