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HELP (Cat in ceiling rafters without food or water) wont come down

A few days ago when my Wife and I returned home from some meetings we had in the morning (around noon) we noticed some meowing coming from the ceiling. We live in a basement apartment of an older home with ceiling rafters that span the entirety of the house. The rafters are about 3 feet tall and have a combination of wiring, pipes, vents, beams, insulation etc. After hearing the meowing we discovered one of our two cats had somehow gotten up into the rafters and was wandering around up there. We attempted to get her down but she did not want any part of that and retreated to somewhere in the rafters. Since the first meows - we have only seen her a few times when we tried to lure her over with catnip and other treats / food / water. Both times we were unable to grab her and the last time we saw her (about 14 hours ago) she ran away really quickly and we haven't seen or heard from her since. We are getting really scared and nervous that she's hurt or worse... There are no exits that we know of so she has to be somewhere within the basement ceiling but we have no idea where and we cannot get her to come over to us. We haven't heard her meow or anything. PLEASE HELP. We have no idea where else to turn or what else to do. 


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