Do Maine Coons get along with other cat breeds?

Hoping to get some advice here. We would like to get some company for our sweetheart. 

I was always fascinated by Maine coons but not quite sure if that would work out?


  • Chewy


    Generally, Maine Coons get along with children and other pets. So it shouldn't be too much of a problem introducing another cat breed to your Maine Coon. I have two Maine Coons myself and they are such a joy. I love this breed. 

    You can check out these Yummypets articles if you want to learn a little bit more about them:

    The Maine Coon breed: and

  • Eve M.


    Thank you Chewy
  • Sharon K.


    We have three cats, one of whom is a Maine Coon mix.  He plays well with the others and is totally devoted to my daughter.

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