Do Maine Coons get along with other cat breeds?

Hoping to get some advice here. We would like to get some company for our sweetheart. 

I was always fascinated by Maine coons but not quite sure if that would work out?


  • Eugene L.

    Absolutely! I have a Maine Coon, so I know that the highly sociable personalities of this breed make them ideally suited to living with other cats because they naturally enjoy the company of other animals. When we were looking for a company for our cat, we decided that it would be better to choose another large breed. Having looked through the list here we got a Ragamuffin. Fortunately, they both get along well with each other. 

  • Sharon K.

    We have three cats, one of whom is a Maine Coon mix.  He plays well with the others and is totally devoted to my daughter.
  • Eve M.

    Thank you Chewy
  • Chewy

    Generally, Maine Coons get along with children and other pets. So it shouldn't be too much of a problem introducing another cat breed to your Maine Coon. I have two Maine Coons myself and they are such a joy. I love this breed. 

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