Collar and itching

Hello everyone! 
My cat, Zola, 1 year old, had to have surgery and have stitches because a dog from the neighborhood bit her. She must wear a plastic flange to prevent her from touching her scar and pulling her stitches (and indeed, as soon as I remove it for her to wash, she tries to touch it). The problem is that the flange bothers her a lot and it scratches her. The vet told me that it was normal and that it happened. Nevertheless, Zola has 6 days to go with her flange and I noticed today that she had almost scratched herself with blood around her neck. What can I do to relieve her? Would there be creams or pharmacy products that could help her not to scratch anymore? 

I should point out that my vet is in holidays and I do not find the replacement veterinarian very effective. As a broke Belgian student, I don’t want to repay for the third time a visit while I go back to the vet in six days to remove stitches.

Thank you in advance! 
  • Chewy

    Hi Céline, apologies we're only replying now. It looks like the 6 days have passed. How did you go with your dog? Did you find a solution of any sort?


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