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Are eggs good for cats?

Hi, I´m new. My cat is weired. She likes raw eggs more than actual cat food. Whenever I drop an egg in the kitchen, it falls on the ground, breaks, my cat comes and starts eating it. I let her, but I was wondering if it´s good for her... Any advice?
  • crispin A.

    2 months ago

    No problem occurred while eating the egg to the cat.the egg is good for cat.limited for good over eating is unhealthy. i have a cat.my cat eating all food in limited.thanks for sharing this post.i really happy to read this post.

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  • Lara L.

    2 months ago

    Hi, I have the same phenomenon - my cats love raw eggs as well. I think raw eggs are good for their fur, but overeating isn't good. Normally my cats get a raw egg every now and then mixed with their other food and they absolutely love it. ☺
  • Emmie S.

    2 months ago

    Eggs are extraordinary wellsprings of protein and fat. The yolk contains 33% fat and is a rich wellspring of linoleic corrosive. Change in skin and coat might be seen when eggs are given as supplements and this is because of the fundamental unsaturated fat substance of the egg yolk. Egg is additionally a decent wellspring of vitamin A for felines.  Essay Writers in UK Egg white contains huge numbers of the fundamental amino acids, including Taurine, required by felines. Hence you regularly observe egg or dried egg on the fixing list for pet nourishments.

  • Emily M.

    2 months ago

    Yeah, it is good for the cat but doesn't give him extensive eggs otherwise it will be unhealthy for her.
  • Emily M.

    a month ago

    Well, everyone knows that excessive eat of one thing is not good for health but if you gave your cat, the egg's to eat then it is not a problem although it is healthy for them but over the limit will disturb their health.
  • Lorraine D.

    a month ago

    Rough egg yolk is great, not the white. It's more secure to simply delicately scramble the whole egg together and blend in the food however not for a drawn out stretch of time and they may get complain the adjustment in eating regimen yet it ought to be in good health for a day. Go to Professional Essay help service they have science diet food to facilitate would match what you feel like to see in your cat.

  • Stephen B.

    a month ago

    Egg is very good for health. It contains proteins that provides energy to the body and everyone should use eggs on regular basis.

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  • Wilfred Z.

    a month ago

    Eggs are phenomenal wellsprings of protein and fat. The yolk contains fat and is a rich wellspring of linoleic destructive. Change in skin and coat may be seen when eggs are given as supplements and this is a result of Pro Assignment the major unsaturated fat substance of the egg yolk. I have a cat.my feline eating all nourishment in constrained much obliged for sharing this post.

  • Lena P.

  • Gary W.

    10 days ago

    I have a similar marvel - my felines adore crude eggs too. I think crude eggs are useful for their hide, however gorging isn't great. Regularly my felines get a crude egg once in a while blended with their other sustenance and they totally cherish it.

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