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Are eggs good for cats?

Hi, I´m new. My cat is weired. She likes raw eggs more than actual cat food. Whenever I drop an egg in the kitchen, it falls on the ground, breaks, my cat comes and starts eating it. I let her, but I was wondering if it´s good for her... Any advice?
  • Lara L.

    a year ago

    Hi, I have the same phenomenon - my cats love raw eggs as well. I think raw eggs are good for their fur, but overeating isn't good. Normally my cats get a raw egg every now and then mixed with their other food and they absolutely love it. ☺
  • Emily M.

    a year ago

    Yeah, it is good for the cat but doesn't give him extensive eggs otherwise it will be unhealthy for her.
  • Emily M.

    10 months ago

    Well, everyone knows that excessive eat of one thing is not good for health but if you gave your cat, the egg's to eat then it is not a problem although it is healthy for them but over the limit will disturb their health.
  • Sonia C.

    7 months ago

    HI Didn't know that eggs were good for cats. My sister gives her cat scramble eggs and she eats it. 
  • Rebecca C.

    4 months ago

    Overconsumption of avidin could cause biotin deficiency. Cooking denatures the avidin. Therefore, it is recommended that cats consume only cooked eggs. But let's be honest and realistic: A cat would have to eat a LOT of raw egg, probably over a period of months or years, for such a deficiency to develop.So better if your cat loves to eat egg give her cooked egg.

  • John A.

    2 months ago

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  • Dave C.

    8 days ago

    My cat actually loves eggs and want to have them all the time so I give him a here and there with along with its dry cat food

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