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When my cat vomits, is it because of a parasite?

My cat vomits once a day and spends the rest of the time asleep, even more so than usual. Is it a parasite? They are eating the same amount and their coat is still sleek and glossy.


  • Keren B.

    6 months ago

    My cat had nearly the same symptoms (though they weren't sleepy) and it was worms, so we dewormed her and all was fine. If not, go to the vet!

  • DamienRoy

    6 months ago

    I suggest you to go to the vet so you can see the problem of you cat. That is the best way to know whats wrong.

  • Alison D.

    24 days ago

    It is exceedingly uncommon to discover intestinal parasites in indoor felines living in a maybe a couple feline home. Felines are, by nature, clean creature and parasites depend on poor cleanliness to get around. In any case, assignment writing help when felines are constrained into conditions that support parasites, the most widely familiar indications of their nearness in more well-known pets are need brilliance, fragile hair coat, rigidity, sluggishness and looseness of the bowels.

  • Ruby D.

    18 days ago

    There are different parasites that attack the cats and if it affects gastrointestinal tract it may cause vomiting. Once my cat too was showing the same symptoms and now she is fine since I have visited to the Vet. I strongly request you to visit the Dr. I am writer and have read many features on cat and its infections in buy essays online
  • Deanna Williams W.

    17 days ago

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