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how can I wash (bath) my cat ?

please kindly reply me ! Thank you :)

  • Pixel

    4 years ago


    Don't forget you must only bath your cat twice a year!

    Here is an article which gives lots of tips to groom your cat easily: http://blog.yummypets.com/en/little-advices-to-groom-your-cat/

    Good luck!

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  • David B.

    4 years ago

    Get some thick leather gauntlets and hold him/her firmly!! LOL

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  • Sarah S.

    4 years ago

    Buy a bath mit, wash the MIT and stroke you cat with it until you got all the cat washed, cat will appreciate this more than being put in the tub.

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  • Evie N.

    4 years ago

    You shouldnt bath your cat it washes it slef but you can
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  • Helen B.

    4 years ago

    It depends on why you feel the need to wash your cat.

    Show cats who have long coats, bath their cats regularly, but only ever use a shampoo designed for cats, as this will not damage them.

    The  younger the cat the easier it is to get the used to bathing.  if your cat is an adult and has not had a bath before , be prepared to suffer.  Clip their nails firs before even thinking about putting water anywhere near them.

    Take great care not to get water in the ears or eyes, if you have someone who can help you it is a good idea.

    I use the sink, as the cat can stand without any danger of the water being to deep.

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  • YummyOrNot Y.

    2 years ago

    Don't give your cat a bath she or he will hate u after trust me
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  • Snaagar E.

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