Is it alright for dog to eat cooked plain pasta?

IT's not toxic and it's not likely to cause any serious reactions, but rather it's not a good diet to eat on a regular basis, it doesn't contain much nutrients and your puppy will suffer from severe deficiencies on the long run if you feed him pasta as it's the main diet.

  • Arrowhead P.


    Thanks for the information!!
  • Sara S.


    If you want to change his food later, it will be more difficult for him to get used to the new type of food. I know this because my dog was having normal human food before she came to me. When she was with me, I start giving her dog food and she would reject it sometimes, because she was waiting for my human food instead. So is better to give puppies the righ dog food from the start ;)
  • Jimmie O.

    Last Tuesday at 15:49

    Pasta and bread are full of carbs. If that is going to be the main diet your dog can develop diabetes Mellitus Their main nutrient to consume should be protein from quality meat.  

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