How do I choose a name for my dog?

 Hi all. I have a dream to buy a German Shepherd. And my husband has promised to give me a puppy of my favorite breed. But my question is. How do I choose a name for a puppy? Can you recommend where a great selection of names that can fit. I look forward to your comments. 

  • Deangelo U.

    Most owners do not have difficulty choosing a nickname because everything is simple with animals: using traditional names to adhere to rules is unnecessary. You can come up with a nickname yourself, not afraid to shock people around you. Names are chosen once in a lifetime, so you do not want to make a mistake by giving your favorite pet a name that does not suit him. I came up with the name Nemo for my pet right during his registration at It was very funny because he was pretending to be a fish.

  • Charles A.

    I got a funny story about my 1st dog name. 
    When I just get him and we came home, I didn’t know how call him, turn on the TV and there was a kinpurpetcare chews advertisement so name the dog Chui.

  • Jo M.

    Make sure it's a name you're comfortable shouting in front of people! My partner used this test and that's how we ruled out names that the kids liked, such as "Cookie" and "Fluffy". 

  • icie M.

    I think you should give your dog a name that doesn't need to be too long, about 1 to 2 syllables is enough. I put it on my dog because I was playing blockpost when he jumped on my mic so I set it as Mic, and he seemed to like it.

  • Chewy

    That's so exciting that you are planning on adopting a dog one day! German Shepherds are stunning! Regarding the name, I highly suggest that the name be only 2/3 syllables long so that your dog has an easier time understanding it. You can also read this Yummypets article if you want some help choosing a name: How to choose my dog's name. Are you planning on adopting a female or male dog? That would help me be able to suggest some names 🙂 I typically like to choose names that are related to films/videos games/books that I love. 🙂 Maybe you could do the same?

  • Michael L.

    Dear doggies, everyone. I too have a German Shepherd. And it is my most favorite breed. So I advise others to get a puppy of this breed. I want you to have smart puppies. 


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