Aggresive behaviour

Hi all,

I adopted a Bullmastiff a year ago. His ex owners behaved really bad with him. From time to time, I notice aggresive behaviour towards me, though he has never bitten me. I understan this behaviour comes from his ex owners, though I don't like it at all. Any suggestions? 
  • Chewy


    Hi there,

    Thanks for your message and sorry to hear you're having a few difficulties with your dog's behaviour. But good on you for reaching out!

    An untrained or aggressive dog can be problematic, not just for you but also for others.

    We'd recommend investigating behaviour therapy for you and your dog to learn various techniques to manage when certain situations arise (and to help prevent them). If you're unsure where to start looking, perhaps a trip to the vet would be a good idea just to ensure their health is not contributing to their behaviour. The vet may also have some recommendations to point you in the right direction re training. 

    The last thing you want is for your dog to bite you or someone else. Regardless of seriousness of the injury, you could end up in a lot of trouble and your dog could be put down. This is not to scare you but let you know that it can become serious if not investigated.

    Good luck and we hope you find some solutions quickly. Keep us posted! ☺


  • Chewy


    A quick Google later and this could also be a helpful starting point:

  • Jimmie O.


    This sounds to me like it is a job for dog trainers or behaviorists. It is really hard to establish a stable pack order with a  young dog big as a Bul mastiff. Imagine going to the vet, or doing staff he is not so can be very difficult. Think about getting some help.
  • Ella N.


    It's always hard for me to understand how people can treat their dogs, their friends so badly. And it's not strange why now your dog acts so because it's hard for him to trust someone again. Or, maybe, there can be other reasons for such behavior. But from my experience, I can say that it's possible to improve the situation, but it requires patience, time, and effort. But I think that the best idea is to ask the specialist what you can do. Maybe, it's worth to take your dog to specialized lessons/training, or something else. Also, try to look for some info online. For example, here is a blog with many useful articles dedicated to different topics, and maybe, there you'll find some helpful info. I hope that soon everything will be ok.

  • Sameera K.


    Like humans dog also need extra care and love but if someone treat them badly after sometime they become aggressive and start doing unusual activity. I think you should train your dog from scratch. You can buy the best training equipment for your dog and give him proper training. This is the best you can do to keep him normal and better than now.
  • Max L.


    Have you tried taking your dog to a trainer?


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