The bulldog

Is this breed of dog a good apartament one, if you know something about this please write😍
  • Ester V.

    Definitely, French bulldogs are considered the best choices for people living in apartments. They need little exercise and bark very little. So, you can easily keep them in busy cities and tiny apartments without neighbourhood complaints. But you must be aware of some other things about French Bulldogs, and tail mystery could be one of them.

    Indeed, compared to typical dog breeds, French bulldogs have small tails or probably own a tail pocket that needs to be clean and some other treatments. You can read this article about the French bulldog tail mystery in detail and make yourself aware of how you can take better care of such dogs. Yes, they are prone to tail problems and tail pocket infections, but with suitable information in hand, you can avoid such issues. 

  • Emily W.

    Because French Bulldogs are a small build, they don’t take up much space and they don’t make a lot of noise when moving around.  Your downstairs neighbors will thank you for owning an adorable, small Frenchie. Another reason French Bulldogs are good apartment dogs is that they are a low energy breed and you won’t feel inconvenienced to go on a lot of walks. Also, they are much more happy and healthy being indoors. 

  • Jimmie O.

    Hi Daria! Yes , they are but you just make sure to keep them entertained once you leave them alone at home. Mine is fine for 4 to 5 hours..if I leave her more ...she starts biting everything around a house! Make sure to bay a lot of chew toys ...and stuffed Kong filled with frozen food -great tip!
  • Chewy

    Hi Daria, yes French Bulldogs can make great apartment dogs.

    Have a read of this article for some useful pointers.



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