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How to prevent my puppy from eating her poop?

Good day everyone! My name is Gustavo Woltmann and I am publishers office assistant. I have a problem with my shih tzu puppy who eats her poop. What should I do to stop her from doing that? I need your help.
  • Anjica D.

    a year ago

    Good to know Cameron K. ☺
  • Cedric S.

    a year ago

    its actually natural, nothing to worry about.

    of course it may make a stinky mess though. usually when i see poop, i clean it as soon as possible so that my dog would not go touch it. after sometime, the dog will know poops are meant to be thrown

  • Emily M.

    a year ago

    Well, no one completely knows about it because not every dog do this so can't get the exact point. But the thing you can do is to tell him that it is wrong and poop is not a thing to eat, I hope he will definitely learn from you.
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