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Why my Dog eating poop

what reason is behind it, that my Doxi eats Cat poop...and if she don' t eat it she will roll around in it ☺
  • Nala Y.

    a year ago

    Dogs eat poop for a number of reasons:

    1. Their bored
    2. They think that it's cleaner
    3. It's an evolutionary thing - dogs can tell a lot from poop

  • marian21660

    a year ago

    can not be bordom..I play a lot with my little girl and go for long walks..thanks for that info ☺
  • Stephanie W.

    a year ago

    There is a theory that dogs eat poop because they are missing certain enzymes or vitamins. Or they are bored.
  • Anjica D.

    a year ago

    Mine too. ☺ I think that they are bored.
  • Josh C.

    2 months ago

    There are a number of reasons behind this. Most of the time untrained dog eats poops.Recently I have written a post on this topic. You might have noticed that only some dogs eat the feces or poop of another dog or their own, but almost every dog in this world eats the cat's poop. Here I am trying to tell you that eating poop, specifically cat’s poop is the most common problem of dogs. So, if you notice your dog eating cat’s poop, you should not get nervous or worried about your dog and forcefully make your dog leave this habit. 

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