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Why my Dog eating poop

what reason is behind it, that my Doxi eats Cat poop...and if she don' t eat it she will roll around in it ☺
  • Keren B.

    9 months ago

    Dogs eat poop for a number of reasons:

    1. Their bored
    2. They think that it's cleaner
    3. It's an evolutionary thing - dogs can tell a lot from poop

  • marian21660

    8 months ago

    can not be bordom..I play a lot with my little girl and go for long walks..thanks for that info ☺
  • Catherine A.

    8 months ago

    every dog eat poop, that's one of their behaviours

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  • Stephanie W.

    7 months ago

    There is a theory that dogs eat poop because they are missing certain enzymes or vitamins. Or they are bored.
  • Anjica D.

    6 months ago

    Mine too. ☺ I think that they are bored.
  • Kevin S.

    6 months ago

  • John H.

    3 months ago

    I saw many dogs eating poop but not sure the reasons. How to make a dog poop.

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