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How to stop my dog from being terriffied of our log burner in the living room and also the car

As soon as I open the fire door he starts getting stressed, when lit he pants and shakes.Same in the car.

  • Keren B.

    9 months ago

    Here's a good article about how to help a scared dog: hope it helps!


  • Stephanie W.

    9 months ago

    I don't know about log burners, but my dog Thanos was and still is afraid of car rides. He has pretty bad anxiety most of the time but it's a lot worse in cars. Here are some tricks that I used to get him used to it:

    - Try sitting in the car with them without actually driving anywhere

    - Have someone they know sit in the car with them and keep petting them if you are driving

    - Bring treats, lots of them

    - Cover them in a blanket

    - Go on extremely short rides at first and gradually increase the duration

    Keep in mind that this might take a while. Thanos is much better now but he still cannot be in a car for too long before he starts whinning and screaming again

  • Stuard B.

    7 months ago

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  • Anjica D.

    6 months ago

    Stephanie W. good suggestions. I was doing the same with my dog, and now there is no problem with that.

  • Kevin S.

    6 months ago

  • George M.

    2 months ago

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