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why cant dogs talk lol

  • Keishin S.

    4 years ago

    They talk in their own way:body language. If you want to understand what they're saying go to http://www.petmd.com/dog/puppycenter/communication/evr_dg_visual_communication#.UmqZ_flT5ic

  • Haley F.

    3 years ago

    Dogs communicate to others they can learn commands humans say such as sit jump or roll over it takes practice just like we have to learn spanish
  • YummyOrNot Y.

    3 years ago

    The larynx is not developed in a way that the voice develops as a human's does. The larynx is developed enough to enable the barking or dog language. They also use a variety of body communication methods.
  • devid S.

    3 years ago

    Yes they talk in their languages. We can not understand. 

  • Kassidy M.

    2 years ago

    Yep ☺

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