YummyPets - App Mobile V2

A New

From the first day, Yummypets feels passionately about the relationship between the pet and its owner. With one obsession: put new technologies to the service of this relationship, making life easier for the owner to improve the animal's, simply.
Wherever you are, your favorite social network is too.
The new Yummypets app is more than just an update of the previous one.
Indeed, the interface has been completely redesigned to be closer to the web experience.
It is now faster and more ergonomically designed for comfort and flexibility of navigation.

A range of new surprises :

  • Leo's "Crème"

    Yummypets most beautiful photos, selected by Leo, on your mobile. Feel free to add your favorite pics

  • Your messages, with you everywhere

    Messaging is no longer limited to the web version. Now, chat with your friends directly from your mobile

  • All profiles available

    Access to your account entirely: pets, teams and pages. Discover your profile's new design with a photo cover

  • The teams, pages and associations latest news

    Discover the latest news directly from teams, pages and associations that you follow

  • Search for everything on Yummypets

    The search module has been improved, access faster to what you need : members, team page, breeds