How does it work?

How to manage my profile ?

With your mouse, scroll over the dashboard on the right top of the page, nearby the miniature picture of your pet (once you have set your profile) and browse over the following actions

• Add a photo: 

You can upload a picture from your computer using the button "Select a file"
You can also add a title and descriptions to your photo in the dedicated fields.

• Add a video:
You can download a video to your computer using the button "Select a file".
You can also add a title and a description to your video.

• Post a status: 
You can add your mood, a thought ...

• Edit this pet: 
You can post all data related to your pet’s profile (name, sex, breed...)

• Add a pet: 
With the button "add an animal" you can create a profile for another animal that lives with your pet or pets already registered (s).

• My preferences: 
You will find here all your personal data : your profile which you can edit, modify or suppress as well as all your registered pets. You may also change/suppress your pet’s profiles from there or add a new pet from this page.

• Log out:
You log out of the site Yummypets. You will need to fill your username and password the next time you access the site.

How to add a picture ?

Hover your mouse on "Dashboard" at the top right and below the photo of your pet. Click on «add a photo» and download your file.

  • The title of the photo is required
  • Extensions are allowed: jpg, jpeg, png
  • The size of a picture should not exceed 6MB

How to add a video ?

Hover your mouse on "Dashboard" at the top right and below the photo of your pet. Click on «add a video» and download your file.

  • The title of the video is mandatory
  • Extensions are allowed: mov, avi, mp4, mpeg, wmv
  • The size of a video should not exceed 20MB

Yummypets uses Youtube to send your videos, by default the drive uses Flash technology which is not compatible with some devices such as mobile or pads. To take advantage of these videos, you must change your preferences enabling environment html5 player directly on Youtube:

After adding a video, it is not immediately available on the network YummyPets a picture tells you it is "in process". This step may take several minutes.

How to become a Pet’s fan ?

Click on the pets picture, then a submenu ‘become a fan’ pops upon the right side of the page, click on it.

You can also search for the pet by typing its name in the search zone. Its profile will be part of the search results, clic on the picture and proceed as in above paragraph.

How to become a Pet’s friend?

Just become a fan !

What’s a “Yummy”?

As the Comments, the ‘’Yummys’’ participate to the friendliness of this social network, allowing the members to ‘like’ and ‘highlight’ their own pictures as well as the pictures of other members. These positive mark-ups allow the community to keep improving.

How to ‘comment’ a picture?

Click on the field available under the picture, type your comments and hit ‘’post’’ to publish it.